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Lainie is very proud to be part of a theatre company that comes together to share Shakespeare with the community, and in the beautiful outdoor spaces that our Nation’s Capital provides. As an actor and a neuropsychologist, Lainie firmly believes that the theatre serves an important function in the health and well-being of humans, society and culture. In June 2018 Lainie graduated from the full-time program at 16th Street Actor’s Studio in Melbourne. Following her graduation, she performed in the La Mama Autumn season and played the role of Allison in Allee Richards’ new play Survival. She returns to Canberra, full of creative energies, new learning, and wanting to continue growing as an actor. Lainie was previously living and working in Canberra, where she most recently played Mrs Clackett/Dotty in Canberra Repertory’s production of Noises Off, and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing (REP). Other recent productions include August: Osage County (Free Rain), Arcadia (REP), Twelfth Night (REP), The Book of Everything (REP), and The Memory of Water (REP). Musical theatre opportunities include Morticia in The Addams Family Musical (Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre) and covering the role of Mary Poppins in Free Rain’s production in 2015. Lainie studies singing with Sharon Tree at Glengrove Studio. Lainie is chuffed to say that at the end of this production, she will have had the marvellous opportunity to play all three female roles in Twelfth Night. The next challenge is moving onto the male roles - look out Gentlemen!


I remember being so excited to study Romeo and Juliet in Year 9. Being the nerd I was (ah - am!), I recall looking forward to writing the essay!  I remember seeing a Bell Shakespeare production of Hamlet at around that time, and becoming quite fascinated with the character of Hamlet. This was about the time I also found myself itching to be up on the stage. Being a part of the imagined world and story created for the audience became something I longed to do (aside from performances to my very patient family on the front porch).


These days, I find performing and watching Shakespeare so wonderful for the richness of the language, but also for the story - and story is King. What is marvellous is that for the most part, the stories still hold, in a kind of powerful, universal way. There is the opportunity for player and audience to resonate together in the sharing of the story. It is this that I so love about Shakespeare, and about theatre more generally.   


I believe very strongly in the function that theatre serves in society and culture, so the goal of making Shakespeare accessible and in our Nation’s Capital, is one I greatly value.  I am also thrilled by the high standard being set, and the opportunities being offered for actors and creatives.


I think what I most enjoy about Maria, is her competency and capacity to serve, but all the quick, witty, playful and wicked energy that sits underneath that! Maria ends up behaving in quite a cruel way towards Malvolio. I am really fascinated with what it is that drives this.


Olivia’s household has been placed into a kind of extended mourning or sleep. It must be dreadful to work there! You would need to speak in sombre, hushed tones, tiptoe around, and not disturb Olivia’s prolonged melancholy. In addition, Malvolio has been recruited to keep order, and he is the black hole of happiness. There are “no cakes and ale”, no fun, no freedom. Maria initially wants to keep her Lady (Olivia) happy and therefore wants to keep peace and order in the house, but then, triggered by the antics of Sir Toby, and following an altercation with Malvolio, all the repressed fun and play comes busting out! What fun!


Chris’s skill in and devotion to the language has been wonderful to learn from. He has been exceptionally gracious and patient, as we work things out in rehearsal, and as we do our best to honour and listen to what the language is telling us.


There is a time for mourning, and there is a time for living! If you forget to live, and love, you might end up bound in a dark room!


We'd love to hear from people who have enjoyed Shakespeare by the Lakes 2019. We are also keen to hear from potential corporate sponsors and those with professional skills who can complement our team.


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