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Combination of classic Shakespeare in the great outdoors, perfectly interpreted for a modern audience, backed by the great anthem in love songs: this is the little company that roared.


About Shakespeare by the Lakes (not just the Twelfth Night production) - The best cultural event in Canberra: it brings the community together in a special way, brings Shakespeare to the community in a most enjoyable way. Top quality performances in wonderful, relaxed outdoor settings. Canberra arts at their best!


Fantastic acting, really well staged and the intimate atmosphere was perfect. My three kids and their cousins were enthralled throughout.


It was lively, entertaining, the cast were obviously enjoying it as much as the audience.


It's a hilarious play and Shakespeare is meant to be acted out. The way it is brought to life means that you don't need to worry that you won't be able to follow the language.


Solid, glorious chaos! This is Shakespeare as Shakespeare intended it.

Twelfth Night was vibrant, hilarious and memorable. The directing decisions brought fresh appeal to this classic comedy, and the costumes made it a visual feast, but above all we loved the talented and engaging performance of the actors. Shakespeare by the Lakes truly brought this play to life.

It was great!. Took my son who is studying Shakespeare at school (which he hates) and now he gets it! So different to just reading it. Very enjoyable night.


the acting, very clear and understandable dialogue, funny local comments


"so amazing to see so many Canberrans enjoying local actors perform one of the Bard's best comedies. A very professional production!"


Everything! Even my 9 year old understood the storyline (roughly) & how the characters were connected


Quality of acting; sense that actors were enjoying themselves; in-the-round experience; clever editing of original text: very accessible to a modern audience


I played Olivia in a performance in high school 40 years ago - was great to see some REAL actors do it at last! I also loved how they performed so well without a physical stage or sets.


The Aussie wit and contemporary and local references made it much more fun than most Shakespeare performances.


It was very professional and really well run, for a free event. It was engaging and I liked the little interactions with the crowd throughout the performance. The costumes were so good too!


We felt included in the fun and drama of the play, complicit in the dupes and welcome by the cast. It was so much fun to be so close and engaged in the action.


It was lively. It had quick continuity from one scene to the next. It had some of Canberra best pro-am actors. It was adapted well for the large space of Glebe Park.

Picnic and theatre with friends on the grass on a beautiful night. You don’t need to be a Shakespeare buff. Absolutely brilliant production!

Lovely Canberra night with a great community feel and my kids loved the show!

It was performed magnificently! One of the most enjoyable and hilarious performances I have been to in a long time. Improvisation skills were on point! The characters were portrayed well and the performance flowed well!

We are lucky to be able to see such a professional show, well acted and funny, open to anyone.

The ability of the cast to ensure the audience got the basis of the plot under outside conditions. The microphone woeked really well. The food vans were of very high quality.

From the direction to the acting, staging, costumes, logistics, dining options Twelfth Night was a triumph.

The way the actors engaged with the audience was fantastic, they made real use of the park setting and its informality. The occasional local lingo thrown into the dialogue also perked up my very drunk peer.

Engaging and enjoyable! I liked how a minor sound issue was woven into the acting, that's how theatre should be.

Loved it...showed me elements of the play I'd never grasped before, and the clowns finally made sense. The bats coming out for the final scenes when the love relationships were being worked out was a weird and ominous touch.

Even though I'm not a Shakespeare buff it was still hugely enjoyable, a very pleasant night out

The professional was very professional. I loved the contemporary edge, which was balanced by faithfulness to the original script.

I really enjoyed relaxing on a picnic rug and being so close to the actors. It felt almost felt like I was part of the play!

Terrific, I know this play well and thoroughly enjoyed this interpretation. Costumes were brilliant, local references inserted in text great fun (and not out of keeping, I'm sure there were many asides in Shakespeare's time).

Great fun - the actors clearly enjoyed themselves, and their passion for the play was infectious. Costumes were great. Theatre "in a cross" was a terrific concept that really worked when we were all sitting on the ground.

The wonderful location, brilliant acting and great source material of course, joined together for a brilliant evening with a festival atmosphere. A fun accessible theatre experience that left me with a night to remember.

LOVED IT! Best Shakespeare performance I've ever seen!

Loved the whole atmosphere. The energy and fun was very different from a regular theatre experience

It was just the way Shakespeare himself would have loved it to be delivered. Such as great way to honour his work.


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